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What is Transfer Factor

Transfer factors are not vitamins, minerals, or herbs, substances that add nutrients to the body. Transfer factors are molecules that actually transfer immune memory and knowledge from one immune system to another.

How Transfer Factor supports the immune system
How? It helps your immune system do three things:

Transfer Factors help immune cells identify threats faster and more effectively. 

Transfer Factors enable your immune cells to respond more quickly and effectively to a problem after its been identified.

Transfer Factors lend a hand in remembering how to tackle each problem your immune system encounters, so the next time you are faced with it, your body knows exactly what to do. There is also a fourth R

Transfer Factor Results
The National Institute of Healths online service, Medline, has published over 1,200 scientific abstracts on the immune benefits of Transfer Factors. And how does 4Life Transfer Factor stack up? Independent studies report an unprecedented 437% immune boost in Natural Killer cell activity for proprietary formulas.

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