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About 4Life

In 1996, David Lisonbee, a man with an already proven track record in the network marketing industry, discovered a remarkable product called Transfer Factor. With its unprecedented ability to support and teach the immune system, David began to realize the impact this product could have on the health of people all over the world. Having already co-founded a $200 million network marketing company, David knew the power of network marketing and sharing products with others on a one-on-one basis. Together with his wife Bianca, they established 4Life Research in 1998, with Transfer Factor leading as their flagship product. 4Life is now a world leader in alternative health including the UK.

4Life is grounded in the belief that each individual is unique, providing a comprehensive product line that will support your unique body. With more than 75 products represented, 4Life truly has something for everyone. And 4Life offers a groundbreaking financial opportunity that allows you as an individual to be successful right away, whether you are just starting out in this industry, or you are an experienced and successful networker.

In the summer of 2000, 4Life Research made industry headlines by joining forces with ShapeRite, another leader in alternative health products and direct selling. This partnership has created a wealth of new opportunities for 4Life Distributors, expanding an already excellent product line and combining the strengths of the two companies. Since the merger, 4Life has experienced exponential growth and fortified its position in the very competitive market of nutritional supplements. The 4Life Executive Team now boasts over one hundred years of experience in the network marketing and dietary supplement industries. 4Life operates in an 80,000 square foot facility in Sandy, Utah, constantly looking outward and upward to the best possible avenues for providing alternative health and wealth solutions to people all over the globe.

A few years ago, we have the good fortune of discovering the benefits of Transfer Factor for our own health and wellbeing. As a result of that we are now a distributor of 4Life products and we are proud to be associated with 4Life to take Transfer Factor to the world market.

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