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4Life Transfer Factor Plus

Boosts Immune Function by 437%

Independent studies show that Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor formula from 4Life® Research, propels immune system function to an amazing 437% above normal.

This 90-capsule formulation combines the intelligence of Transfer Factor E-XF™, the intuition of NanoFactor™ extract, and the added support of our Cordyvant™ blend to provide the ultimate in immune system support for your body.

More energy, better health, 100% natural.

Transfer factors are tiny molecules in a capsule that transfer immunity information from one person or animal to another, exactly as happens when a mother breastfeeds her infant. Transfer factors are your immune system's teacher of the 3 R’s...

• Recognise a disease-causing organism
• React and attack to eradicate that organism
• Remember that organism and mount an immediate response the next time

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