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Enummi Skin Care System

Complete Skin Care System to protect, nourish, and revitalize

Your face... your first chance to make a fantastic impression. And with a face that's smooth, healthy, and fresh, you're ready to take on the world. As your body's first barrier to the outside world, providing immune system support for your skin is not merely a good idea, it's a must!

The enummi Skin Care System features 4Life's exclusive Transfer factor extract to educate, train, and support your skin's healthy immune response for phenomenal protection.

 There are 6 highly effective products that make up the range:
• enummi Gentle Facial Cleanser
• enummi Refreshing Toner
• enummi Life C Energising Serum
• enummi Eye Cream
• enummi Protective Day Moisturiser (with SPF15 sun protection)
• enummi Night Recovery Cream

In case you were wondering, enummi is immune spelled backwards. The enummi Skin Care System is the only complete skin care line that includes the immune-boosting properties of 4Life Transfer Factor.

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